Double the Power!


Since Mirorman might have a slight delay in its inclusion here, I grant you two forms of Power – Ultraman Powered and Aura Power! Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero and, in a first for the site, Hikari Sentai Maskman. And before you ask, yes, I do intend on reviewing not only more Sentai, but also Kamen Rider (and maybe even a Metal Hero or two) in the near-future!

And if you haven’t already, check out Mirrorman on Toku’s streaming site or Amazon Prime channel. It is terrific and I really look forward to seeing the rest and reviewing it here.


Amazon Prime



Ultraman: Towards the Future added! And coming soon is…


For a little quickie, the short-lived Australian series Ultraman: Towards the Future has been added! Normally, I wouldn’t give something so small its own update, but I am too excited about the next show that will be featured here, so I feel the need to post something. Enjoy these and look forward to what I have next, because it is a treat!


Spectreman added! More to come soon!


My series of reviews have been updated with Spectreman, the first non-Tsuburaya or Ultraman-related show of the site! Plenty more will come in time, so here’s a little preview of some upcoming titles to be featured here. Can you name them all?


On an unrelated note, I would like to give a shout out to both Color Timer Subs and Genm Corp (The sub group, not the corrupt video game company its named after) for bringing us Ultraman R/B with subtitles when both Crunchyroll and Tsuburaya failed to deliver. Check them out! The show has been great so far!

Ultraman 80 added, Preview of things to come…

In case you haven’t noticed, Ultraman 80 has been available for some time. In addition, I have slowly been remodeling the site by adding the Japanese titles to episodes and adding/changing some photos, though it has been a rather slow process. I do intend to get back to reviewing Ultraman shows in the near future, but coming up next are some things a little different…stay tuned!